Trailer "mein"

Regie: Detlef Bothe, B-Filme / Zorro Film

Maggie (21) and Klaus (41) are on the road through Germany with their camper. Despite an age difference, they seem to be lovers. Two people who obviously know each other quite some time. As Maggie begins to be interested in another man, the balance of power between Maggie and Klaus shifts. Gradually the backgrounds of their relationship uncover, until it comes to the deadly escalation

33. Festival des Films du Monde MONTRÉAL
16. Internationales Filmfestival OLDENBURG

Trailer "open cage"

Anna, a young photo-journalist from Berlin travels to Serbia for a photo documentary about refugees. Arriving inl Belgrade, Anna finds out that she can’t realize her task the way she intended. Throug h the cabdriver Džeki she encounters the withdrawn but nevertheless interesting young woman Maja. Maja is dreaming of a new beginning somewhere abroad. Encouraged by her quest for acknowledgment and her fear of failure, Anna starts to photograph the young Belgrade without telling her why. Driven by the wis h to change her life, Maja doesn't realize Anna‘s real intentions.
Regie: Siniša Galić
Nema Love Film, AVMK in Co-Production with E.T.M. Production Belgrade, Universität der Künste Belgrad

Teaser "VIS-A-VIS"

Regie: Siniša Galić,
AVMK in Co-Production with E.T.M. Production Belgrade

the movie will be finished in sommer 2014


"inbetween": a cinematic experiment between film, performance and video art. It depicts intensive and meaningful, sometimes extreme moments of human experiences & sensations. Key situations, disruption and isolation, which often mark such moments, where the crucial issue is not the moment itself, the exterior; but rather what is happening inside. This is the kind of process, in which the female character is in. She finds herself in an individual struggle for inner balance, the search for the whence and whither. The inner brokenness of the person expresses itself through an outer fragmented representation.
Regie: Leni Wesselman


Ménage à trois I
Regie: Matthias Zentner,
Produktion: velvet mediendesign


Ménage à trois II
Regie: Matthias Zentner,
Produktion: velvet mediendesign


Regie: Matthias Zentner,
Produktion: velvet mediendesign

le fin

aus "PER.F 042p"
Regie: Katharina Hamann
Kamera: Johannes Krell


Eine Bastelanleitung für das Kinderfernsehen Checkeins im Ersten.